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Javier Rebollo

Javier Rebollo is director, producer and screenwriter. Until today he has directed eight feature films and has produced twelve, more than thirty short films and several documentaries.

In his role as a director the following titles stand out:

ALABA ZINTZOA (Codirector 2013)
7 CALLES (Codirector 1981)


Alvar Gordejuela

Has a degree in Dramatic Art, combines his work as an actor with his director and screenwriter facets. Until today he has written and directed the following films:

EKHO (2009)

The feature film Alaba Zintzoa is his debut as co-director in which he has also worked as a screenwriter.

“I have always felt attracted to borders and borderlines characters. In all my films, both dramas and comedies, there is always a character that wanders through the delicate line that separates normal of the pathological, or ethical of immoral. In this case, the character of Susanna, the main character, I find it especially appealing because she has a hard life, she cannot carry out her dreams, but she try it anyway, since sense and from the insanity, without ever ceasing to be true to herself and the ones she loves. We have worked in this film with great dedication, but our intention wasn’t portraying the working class, only show a specific character -Susana- and those around her. But it is true that in her desire to go ahead, to resist although everything falls apart around her, many people that currently ride out its tragedies trying to survive day to day can feel reflected on her. Some do it very discreetly; others explode and end up in the newspapers and the news. But in all of them there is a heroism which I find touching. The story of Susanna is very hard, so from direction we decided to run away of sentimentality and committed ourselves to not highlight or underline the toughness of the plot. If I had to define this film, I'd say it has a soul. I think it's the highest one can hope as a Director. ”

"As Luis Buñuel said, "You can discuss the content of a film, its aesthetic -if any-, its style, its moral tendency. But it should never bore." I think those words are very important: in films, boredom is lethal. But from there, one wonders what bores and what don’t. In my case, what I am most interested in are human relationships. I like special effects, action and adventure movies... but I'm also an actor and every time I see a movie I try to imagine which are the feelings of each character, how are they inside. Then I realize that knowing their inner world is not enough, it must also be shown so that entertain, with pace and passion. So in the end there are many things at stake. In Alaba Zintzoa we tell the story of Susanna and there are times that the girl's life becomes hell. That's where character development is capital because that's what keeps you tension. No violence or blood, but the dramatic intensity of emotions. That leads to violent situations, yes, but as a result of the unbearable inner tension of the central character. Something similar happens when you're co-directing for the first time a feature film: one feels a terrible stress. True panic. But also very excited.”